What is a Better Option, Custom Website Design or Templates?

For the past few years, web design companies have sprung up everywhere.  What you need to do in this situation is to find the best one that fulfils all requirements. You can also find templates available online, but these have certain limitations in comparison to custom-made websites.

With more ‘web design businesses’ setting up, it has become difficult to find the best in the business. Also, it is hard to convince people that a template is not meant for a longer run whereas customized website designs are much better choice in the real world. So, how one should figure out the difference between these two and when to switch from template to a custom designed website? Followings points can help you in making a decision:

Templates: There are a number of attractive templates available nowadays, but these are generally made without considering any particular business, services or products. But there are few areas where templates can be used such as

  • If you have a small side business that does not generates much income.
  • You have non-branded business that does not need any leads generated by websites.
  • Your hobby can be taken to a next level, and the target audience can be tested effectively.
  • Templates are an excellent option for a personal blog or a hobby site. These are usually not related to any business.

Custom Design Websites: You must understand that just changing the logo or colour of a template has nothing to do with customised website. It is recommended that you should hire services of a renowned web design company in Sydney to get the desirable results.  Opt for proper customised website if you have needs like:

  • You have an already established brand or logo, or are going to invest in a new one.
  • The site represents or supports your main business, services or products.
  • Have a strong competition and want to get an upper-hand in the market.
  • Want to display products and services offered to the users in a proper manner.

The website is the face of your online business, so ensure that its design looks unique in style & appearance. A custom design definitely provides your business a unique and pleasant identity because fonts & colours are generally made to match both site header and the product packaging.

In some cases, creating a customised website design may lead to a complete revamp of packaging and other manifestations related to the identity of a company.

How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Creating a Facebook page for your products and services is like opening a shop in a famous market in your city – you’re choosing the best location! The major difference between the two is that Facebook provides much larger exposure – with more than 1 billion users on Facebook it’s simply one of the best places for your business to grow through viral marketing. Facebook ads are an excellent way to promote your business, products or services.

Facebook Ads:

The first thing to do is to create a page on Facebook that displays your products and services. You can even add a custom Facebook App and set it as the landing page for the page. A customised Facebook page will increase the chances of success.

To build a list of prospects, it’s essential to collect the contact information of the users. With the right email program people visiting your page can choose to ‘opt in’ to your mailing list. Around 70% to 80% of Facebook users share their email address and click through rates quite high on Facebook.

Ad Analytics:

To check the performance of your ads you can monitor the analytics in the Facebook Ads Manager. Plus Facebook Insights for Apps is one more useful resource. Make the most of these tools as both of them are free.

You can create multiple ads with different variations and then select the best performing among them. It’s advisable to start with larger designs and then later slowly switches onto the smaller details to achieve optimal results.

When you begin a new ad campaign on Facebook, first you need to name your campaign and set an objective. The campaign objective is the ultimate goal of all of the ads. Some examples of the objective are:

  • Page Likes
  • Website Conversions
  • Clicks to Website
  • Mobile App Installs
  • Desktop App Installs
  • Page Post Engagement
  • Offer Claims
  • Mobile App Engagement
  • Desktop App Engagement
  • Event Responses

Setting up Ad Copy:

Setting up your ad’s copy – the words you’ll use in your ad – can be trickier than it sounds. Depending on your ad type, you will need copy for two or three sections: The headline, the text, and your News Feed link description (for News Feed ads).

  • For headlines, you’ll have up to 25 characters
  • For ad text, you’ll have up to 90 characters
  • For News Feed link descriptions, you’ll have up to 90 characters

It’s a good idea to have several different headlines and descriptions ready before you start creating your ad. This will make it easier for you to find something you like instead of making it up on the spot.

Maintaining the Momentum:

As you start seeing more Facebook likes and getting more user emails, don’t start ignoring your ads! You need to continue optimizing them and keep engaging with your audience. To create an urgency to buy from you, send your fans discounts and special offers.

Online consulting can help to promote your website by creating an excellent Facebook ad campaign to promote your products and services throughout Sydney. Web design and web development are other services offered by our team.

Google Adwords: An Excellent Way To Promote Your Business

Google Adwords is an easy way to promote your business products and website among the target audience. The best thing is that you are only supposed to pay when someone clicks on these ads. Google AdWords has an advantage over classified ads because you do not have to pay any amount until your ad is clicked.

Google AdWords is one of the most preferred ways to advertise your product online.The ads are listed on the right-hand side of Google search results.When a user searches for any subject on Google these links appear which are termed as ‘sponsored link’.Keyword relevance and quality score, to determinethe bid prices which eventually decide the amount to pay.These two points can help you to figure out the working process:

  • Create a list of keywords which focuses on your website content because ads should be closely connected to keywords.Separate your keywords into related groups and then create different ads for every group.Ensure that the ad leads the user to page on the website which is relevant to the keywords.
  • Google uses an algorithm known as Quality score to figure out the quality of your Adwords campaigns.Ad content, keyword groups, landing pages content and keywords are checked by this algorithm. You can get excellent score if content is highly targeted to the keywords used and with better score you would get lower cost per click.Once you hire our services, just sit and relax while we manage all the work.

Understanding the concept of Adwords requires a bit of training, so let our experts handle your adcampaigns.It is surely a profitable and quickest way to generate extra income online. Online Consulting can handle all the aspects related to Google Adwords Sydney like how to set bids, choose keywords and write an ad copy.

Google AdWords is a Google specific PPC, pay-per-click, campaign system. It is an effective online marketing tool used to attract potential customers to your web site. This can be especially beneficial to small businesses that don’t have heavy site traffic. PPC can be a great marketing tactic for those on a budget, as advertisers only pay when the ad is clicked. This allows small businesses to save money by only targeting potential new customers.

When someone visits your website, they usually do not trust the content. Therefore it is important to build trust among your clients. Ensure that ads displayed on the search results must match the products your website is offering. Online Consultingprovides all types of assistance for Google Adwords in Sydney, Australia.

How to Improve the Page Ranking of Your Website

A great number of visitors can be generated every month by improving your website’s ranking. Your website is an ideal tool to help generate more revenue from services and products you provide. But it’s also important to understand that visibility on a search engine is a competitive and complex.

The traffic to your website can decrease if rankings are lost for even a single keyword. To offer more relevant and better search results, algorithms of search engines change constantly. Rankings are hampered if you fail to figure out these changes. At Online Consulting we keep it simple for our clients – you can follow these basic SEO strategies to counter the drop in the rankings of your website:

  • Give importance to Internal Linking: There are a number of popular websites which have strong rankings mainly because they have done a great job in internal linking. Linking to different pages helps spread the domain strength. Though it may not produce immediate results, over time internal links help improve rankings.
  • Build fewer quality links (rather than building too many links): You can do this if a particular page on your website is not generating traffic, or is generating less traffic than before. There are many things you can do such as creating a slideshow, designing an infographic, submitting guest posts or producing a company video. Implementing these strategies helps improve the overall authority of your site.
  • Keep high quality content on your website: Pages with detailed articles, information and guides are likely to rank better than websites with less information. The value of your website can be raised by providing excellent and up to date content for visitors. Focus on providing value, include relevant phrases and keywords, write content for your target audience and add pictures and interactive content.
  • Increase the use of alt tags: Always remember that you should use alt tags or alternative text descriptions to describe your visual and video media. These help various search engines including Google to find your website’s page. This is considered to be quite crucial —especially if you use text-only browsers.
  • Metadata: while designing a site, every page has a space between the <head> tags to insert metadata. If you have a CMS site following data will be populated:
  • Title Metadata
  • Description Metadata
  • Keyword Metadata

There is a wide range of strategies which we can offer to improve the ranking of your website on different search engines. Online Consulting provides all types of SEO services in Sydney, Australia.

Misconceptions About Search Engine Marketing

The majority of the website owners have outdated information about what’s important for their online presence and search engine marketing… so much so that if they implemented what they know they would see little in the way of results.

Few website owners can keep up with the newest practices and trends of web marketing. After all, web marketing is a full time job and website owners have to manage their own products and services, as well as keeping abreast of changes within their own industries. This is why it makes sense to hire professionals who can help increase and maintain website growth.

There are a number of common misconceptions held by website owners about search engine marketing, including these:

  • An SEO ‘quick fix’ is enough!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re owner of established website or you’re about to start a new one. Short term search engine marketing is a big no-no if you want your website to head in the right direction.

Why so? It’s because Google frequently changes its search process. Your website can achieve high rankings with help of SEO but they would go down dramatically once you stop the SEO service. Apart from this, if your website is new to the market then you must use SEO services for a longer period of time for proper growth.

  •  No need to have a mobile-friendly website!

Mobile friendly websites are critical! A non-mobile-friendly site can seriously hamper your rankings. In recent years the percentage of people using mobile devices for searching has increased greatly.

Your website layout must fit properly into the screen of mobile phones and be compatible at different resolutions. At Online Consulting we provide full assistance for mobile search in Sydney.

  • Social media is not important for search marketing.

Social media is super important! And this remains true even if your clients or website users aren’t themselves on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like. Social media is an integral and important part of any web marketing campaign today.


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